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John Cena spoke candidly about his recent split with Nikki Bella on Today this morning. Cena said Nikki was the one who ended their engagement and broke his heart out of nowhere.

He dispelled rumors that he was enjoying the single life, saying if he had his way he’d still marry Nikki and they’d have kids together. He was supposed to be on his honeymoon right now, taking his first vacation in years, and instead he’s in his house alone. What prompted the ‘single life’ rumors was that pictures were being floated online of him with various people. Cena says that’s merely because he goes out from 6-9 just to socially interact with other people and essentially get out of the house.

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He says he still loves Nicole and wants to support her in finding whatever it is she’s looking for that caused their relationship to come apart. Otherwise, he’s just living his life but says he doesn’t want anybody else. Cena says he ultimately still holds out hope they can work things out eventually.

Cena explained how over the course of their relationship she caused him to let go of certain stubborn tendencies, like the opposition to having kids, for example. As Cena began realizing his heart belonged to Nikki, he softened on these types of things because she became the most important thing in his life. Cena says he changed from things being all about him to just wanting to make her happy.

And then, so close to the moment of them tying the knot, Nikki decided she had to sort some things out for herself. Cena’s comments were a bit cryptic, and it’s unclear just exactly what it is Nikki is “looking for” but Cena says she’s looking for something in an effort to find some kind of happiness.

Cena was emotional and open, concluding by revealing his major takeaway from the whole situation. He says he had never been in love before, but now he has. He knows he has and he knows love is real now. Cena says love is horrible and it’s beautiful but he is thankful for the time in which he got to experience that and grateful for being able to stand by Nikki’s side during that time.

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