Kenny King recently spoke with Single Leg Takedown Wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Choosing Pro-Wrestling over football: I was going to school to play football. At the time, I was enrolled at UNLV in Las Vegas. Tough Enough had started on TV just around the time that I was supposed to start spring football practice, so I made the call to choose pro wrestling.

On choosing to attend the WWE tough enough tryouts: I watched the tryouts of the first season and said “I know I can do that”, so when I had the opportunity to try out for the second season, I knew I had a good shot. The tryout consisted of in-ring promos followed by this crazy run up this mountain in Las Vegas.

Whether he is still a Chippendale’s dancer: Hahaha. Well, I am a former Chippendale. I parted ways with the company over the summer. Much like pro wrestling, there’s a huge misconception about what it actually is. It’s not a strip club with lap dances and dollar bills. It’s an actual staged, choreographed show. I’ve had Divas and Knockouts come and they’ve loved it. It’s a dream gig, screaming horny women every night?

Time in ROH: I loved, and still love, Ring of Honor. It was a very special time in my career. It was a time where it was sink or swim in a shark-tank of the best wrestlers in the world. Obviously, my tag title reign was cut short. I would have liked the prestige of being World Champion to my repertoire as well.

On winning the X-division gold and if he wants to win a more prestigious belt: The X-Division Championship is one of the most respected and prestigious belts in pro wrestling, based on the men who have held it. So anytime I get a shot at it again, you know I’m going to take it. My goal is to be a triple-crown champion – to claim the tag titles, and then eventually the World Heavyweight Championship.

Where he sees himself in the next 5 years: In the next 5 years I will definitely be a World Champion. I would for certain like to expand on my entertainment career. TV…movies…the sky’s the limit!

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