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– There are lots of big names in the pro wrestling business not associated with WWE, but the company is trying to sign lots of superstars. One of the most popular names disccused is Kenny Omega. According to WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, there is pontential if WWE correctly books Omega and he doesn’t get lost in the mix.

“Vince McMahon could be the guy to take him to the next level,” said Hogan to Sports Illustrated. “If you don’t touch on the WWE, your story is not complete. But rules are made to be broken, and Kenny is such a big star that he could be the one to change all that. Kenny is such a big star that he doesn’t need to sign in New York, but it would complete the story if he went and dominated and had a hell of a run in WWE.”

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It is no secret that WWE knows Omega is a star and it seems the only thing stopping a deal from happening is getting the signature on paper. Omega is still under contract fort NJPW until 2019, but WWE has kept and eye on him and The Young Bucks. Omega has been happy with his current booking, but WWE will likely try and sign him as we get closer to January.

As for Hogan, he was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame after being blacklisted by the company over racist comments that were leaked online. The belief is a return to WWE is only a matter of time.

– John Cena is known for using the same few maneuvers for most of his 15 years with WWE. A few weeks ago, Cena teased that he was working on a “sixth move of doom” to add to the list.

Fans got to see what all the hype was about at WWE’s live event from China. At the end of a tag team match, Cena hit a spinning back fist type move on Elias to get the win. The spot can be seen below.

While the move is pretty basic, Cena made good on his promise. At least the spot wasn’t botched and maybe after a few more matches, Cena can add something else to the move.

Cena’s next scheduled appearance is the Super Show-Down from Australia. It is October 6 and airs on the WWE Network. Cena teams with Bobby Lackey against Elias and Kevin Owens, although that might change after Owens ‘quit’ WWE.

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