Kurt Angle recently did a Facebook Q&A with fans and talked about TNA talents returning to WWE, what he would be doing if he never won an Olympic medal and more. Here are the highlights.

How do you feel about recent TNA talent (Sting and Dudley Boyz) returning to WWE?

Those guys deserve it. They deserve to be on the biggest stage. So does Joe and Storm. We all get opportunities in life. Whether you’re with WWE or TNA, you have to make the most of it, and those guys will.

If you didn’t win the Olympic gold medal where do you think you would be now? 

I believe where I am right now. Somehow I would have found my way to WWE. I had the desire and talent, but I also believe I could have been a great teacher and coach. I always make the most of everything I do. That’s so important no matter what you do in life.

If you had the chance to join WWE to finish your career who’d be the #1 guy in that locker room you’d want to feud with?

I’d love to see Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar one more time.  Good question. Brock is a good one. So is Cena. But the young guys are really talented like Bryan or Rollins or Cesaro or even Rusev. Love watching them work. I don’t think I’d go back for just one. I’d want a few of them. And no, I didn’t forget Ziggler. Lol!

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