– Kurt Angle announced Friday on Twitter that he has reached a legal settlement with Wafi Wahidi, who the TNA Wrestling star claimed last month was contracted to create Apps for his fitness programs for Angle Foods.

“A fair Settlement Has Been Completed With @WabaSocial,” Angle wrote. “The Settlement Ends Any Dispute With Wafi Wahidi and Kurt Angle.”

On November 6, 2012, Angle went after Wahidi on Twitter, writing, “Wafi, you are being Sued. Don’t Ignore the Letters by mail and EMail. This is serious. The Media is Next. I Want My $35k Back!

@wafiwahidi is a Scam Artist. I’m suing Him for $35,000. He and WaBaSocial are fake. My Attorney is Suing Him right Now. Please Listen. Wafi Wahidi and WabaSocial Scammed Me for $34,700. He Scammed Me. I don’t want to hurt Him. I Only Want My $ Back.

Wafi Wahidi was supposed to Make a fitness Apps. He Didn’t. I Spent $35k to Do It. Wafi failed by Oct. 24. I’m Suing this scumbag. I’m suing WabaSocial or Weave Social. Wafi Wahidi Changed the Co. Name. He is from Cali and Moved to Denver. He’s a crook. I lost a lot Of $ from this Person. My Attorney Has Civil and Criminal Charges Against Him.”

“Thank You to All My friends for Your Support. I Want to Make Sure It Never Happens to anyone Else. His Name is Wafiullah Wahidi. Thanks to All My friends for Your Support. Love You. GOD Bless.”

– Bobby Roode and TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Tara appear on this week’s Impact Wrestling Post Show. The synopsis reads: “In a post show leading into the holidays JB catches up with Tara who defended her Knockouts Title on this week’s IMPACT WRESTLING. We also hear from Bobby Roode about his role in the World Heavyweight Title Match between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Also one of the main men from backstage stop in to say hello before picking up some holiday nog.”

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