One angle that Linda McMahon’s political adversaries have hammered the U.S. Senate hopeful with is the sizable number of wrestlers who worked for WWE while she reigned as CEO to die prematurely. She is being called out again on the matter as a political action committee in support of her Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy, has released a video entitled “Job Killer.”

The Democratic Super PAC Progress Connecticut notes in the enclosed video, “Since 2002, at least 28 athletes who worked for Linda McMahon’s WWE died before reaching the age of 50 from suicide, drug overdose, heart attacks and other medical causes. Based on her record of achievement at the WWE she wants to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.”

In particular, the group takes McMahon to task over the 2007 death of Chris Benoit. Enclosed is a clip noting the late wrestler’s dependency on “drugs, amphetamines, painkillers, steroids, and more.” A clip is then shown of Michael Benoit recalling a conversation he had questioning his son on his drug usage.

“His response to me at the time was, “Dad, if I want a job, I have to,” recalled Michael.

In a challenge to WWE to have the video removed, Progress Connecticut stated, “Any attempt by WWE to coerce YouTube to take down this video for copyright infringement would be clear evidence of illegal coordination between the McMahon campaign and the WWE.”

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