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WrestleNewz brings you some play-by-play and results for episodes 7 and 8 of the Mae Young Classic Tournament. We will also have live coverage of the finale episode, which airs on September 12th at 10 pm immediately after Smackdown Live on WWE Network.

Mae Young Classic Tournament: Episode 7

Third-Round Match: Mercedes Martinez vs. Abbey Laith

Bell sounds and they do a test of strength. Martinez pushes Laith back but then Laith comes back and pushes Martinez down. Laith grabs a waist-lock and then gets a takedown. She goes for an arm but Martinez reverses out of it. They get to their feet and Martinez slaps Laith in the face and grabs a side headlock. Laith manages to get Martinez down and in a scissor-lock but Martinez quickly throws a strike and goes on the offensive.

Martinez whips Laith into the corner and lands some kicks. She tries to employ a methodical pace but Laith comes back and lands a jawbreaker, followed by some arm drags. Laith pins and get s 2-count. Laith hammers Martinez in the back and then lands some forearms to her chest. Laith goes for a snap mare but Martinez rolls through and goes for a pin but Laith kicks out. Martinez takes control now and lands a loud chop across Laith’s chest in the corner. And again. Laith explodes out of the corner with some strikes of her own and then lands a big kick that puts Martinez down.

Laith pins but Martinez kicks out. Laith throws Martinez into the corner and moves toward her but Martinez turns the tables. Martinez lands some drop kicks and stomps in the corner and then takes Laith to the apron. She attempts a suplex but Laith blocks it and kicks Martinez to the floor. Laith catches a breather and the crowd rises, then she goes to the top rope. She leaps off with a sloppy cross-body and lands on Martinez out on the floor.

Laith throws Martinez back in the ring and pins for a 2-count. Laith dawdles toward Martinez but Martinez throws her outside and they both catch a breather. Laith gets back in the ring and ends up hitting a german suplex into a bridge for a 2-count. Laith tries to apply a submission but Martinez fires back and delivers a Fisherman Buster for the pinfall. Martinez moves on to the next round.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez


Third-Round Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Candice LeRae

Bell sounds and Baszler opens up with a jumping knee-strike. She starts kicking LeRae around and then bounces off the ropes and charges at her. LeRae moves and knocks Baszler out of the ring. She follows up with a suicide dive into a tornado DDT, planting Baszler’s skull on the steel ramp outside the ring. LeRae throws her back in the ring and pins for a 2-count. Irish whip and LeRae ends up twirling around Baszler’s body and locking in a submission hold.

Baszler muscles her way out of it and ends up dropping LeRae with a side-slam. LeRae gets to her feet first and kicks Baszler in the face. LeRae goes to the top rope and Baszler heads her off. They start scrapping on the top rope. LeRae goes for something but Baszler counters in mid-air and takes LeRae’s back. She sinks in the rear-naked choke and forces LeRae to tap out. Baszler refuses to let go and continues to choke LeRae out as the bell sounds incessantly and the ref struggles to separate them.

Baszler continues to act like a heel and even causes a classic Jim Ross moment where he tells her to “show some sportsmanship!” She will move on to the next round.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

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