British Bootcamp contestant Marty Scurll spoke with WrestleShark. Here are some highlights.

Did anyone take him under their wing in the early days of his career: “There’s quite a few people, like Magnus, Nick Aldis, who wrestles for TNA remains one of my best friends to this day, he was there pretty much from my first day. We trained a lot together, and not even just in wrestling, he’s a few years older than me, so he taught we a lot and we kind of grew up together, I became an adult with him, and then obviously we broke in together, so we would be doing shows and traveling together. You know it’s crazy since he’s such a big star now, but we used to do wrestling shows where they would stick you in the middle of a football field with like nine people watching…I was quite fortunate to have guys like Magnus and Johnny Storm there to clue me up.”

His response to being selected for the British Bootcamp: “I’ve been trying to get on the TNA radar for quite a while now, I don’t know if you know this, but I had a tryout earlier this year in January. But I feel like I’ve been working my arse off for seven years now, and working so hard to get to where I want to be, and it sounds cliche but I’ve sacrificed so much to get here…and even though I’ve done some cool things, I’ve not had that big opportunity to grab with both hands and run with. Obviously the hard work starts now, but I’m getting that payoff from my hard work.”

How did you become involved with The British Bootcamp: “To be honest with you I wasn’t really too sure until the final stages, or even what it was or anything. I met Jeremy Borash, and then I got a follow from him on Twitter and a couple of emails and I thought ‘hm, that’s quite strange’…basically he said there was this project, your name’s been mentioned, let me know if you’re interested and I was just like ‘of course I’m interested’. Then, next thing I know the show is being announced and I’m in the center of it all. ”

What is actually involved in the British Bootcamp: “Basically, it’s myself, Rockstar Spud and the Blossom Twins are kind of fighting it out for a TNA contract, but where it’s different from other shows, you know like Tough Enough where it’s just the house and wrestling, this is all aspects, they want to see how much of a star we are, so they follow us everywhere in day-to-day life, they want to get to know the real us…It’s kind of hard to categorize it …think of it like a Jersey Shore meets a Wrestling show. The charm of the show is that wrestling fans are going to enjoy it, but I think non-wrestling fans, reality show fans will enjoy it. What is going to make the show, I believe, is the relationship between the four of us. I mean that’s what makes all reality TV shows.”

If he is ready for TNA: “100%, I feel like I’ve been ready for quite a while now. It’s just a case of getting that chance to go out there and show them what I can do, and show them I can be marketable. I’m a young wrestler, and I’d love to grow along with the company. I’ve been doing it on the independent level for a long time now, and it’s just a case of stepping it up… I feel like I’m one of the top players in Europe and, you know Europe is my love, but I want to get out of Europe and do it on the big stage.”

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