Matt Hardy has often highly praised The Young Bucks and, since returning to WWE, has mentioned his desire to see them hit the ropes of a WWE ring.

Matt reiterated this desire last night in the following tweet:

Matt Jackson of the “Bucks Of Youth” took a chance to respond:


Dave Meltzer reported on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that Summer Rae has been medically cleared to return. She is apparently healthy and was present during last week’s TV tapings.

Rae has been out since August because of neck and back injuries and returned to training at the WWE Performance Center in March.

Meltzer proffered some speculation that because WWE currently has an even number of women on each brand, Rae may be getting held off TV for the time being. However, Lana will be debuting soon and Emma is injured again, so both brands will need an extra woman to level out the numbers.

Rae is currently listed as part of the Raw roster on WWE’s website.

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