– WWE Legend Mick Foley spoke with KISS 97.9 in New York City to promote his new kids book and tickets for WrestleMania 29. Here are some highlights:

His health: “Oh, man. Apparently, dropping elbows on concrete is not good for you. I walk like a guy that dropped elbows on concrete for a long time. I’m getting around a little slower. So, I’m really fortunate that there are other ways I can make a contribution.”

Whether or not he thinks he will go into the WWE Hall of Fame: “Like I said, (me being inducted into the Hall of Fame) is my rumor and I try to perpetuate it to the point where WWE has to follow up with the invite. … It would seem to make sense but I don’t make the call. If asked, I will definitely be there and I hope I’m asked.”

Who he would want to induct him: “Katie Couric. [Laughs.] Yeah, we already had a hypothetical conversation and she declined. But, I don’t know. I did become smitten with Katie Couric many years ago after she touched my knee on the Today Show. Women, if you don’t want me to develop a crush on you, don’t touch my knee. Alright? Stay away and you’ll be fine. Honestly, it would either come down to Jim Ross or Terry Funk and I’m not sure who it would be.”

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