– Mick Foley spoke with TheDaily.com to promote the new WWE ’13 video game. Here are some highlights:

What was it like living through the Attitude Era? Did you guys realize exactly how big of an impact you were having at the time?

We couldn’t really appreciate the history we were making, because we were too busy making it. Everything was going at light speed. You didn’t really have time to reflect. If you sat back and reflected on everything you were accomplishing, you really weren’t doing your job. It’s only years later you can sit back and say, “Wow, I’m in a video game that kids who weren’t even alive when I was making that history will be recreating.”

Do you have a favorite match that people will be able to play in this game from back then?

I just saw one that I was not even aware was available. It’s Mind Games from 1997, which is actually kind of a harbinger of things to come in the Attitude Era. It was just cutting-edge, pre-Attitude Era. I believe that was one month before Mr. McMahon had the speech with us about how things had changed and that if we were going to survive, let alone excel, that we were going to have to bring more of ourselves into the character.

If you were in your prime today, who would you want to be able to go in the ring with from the current roster?

I would love to wrestle CM Punk, I really would. CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler. I prided myself on being able to adapt to anybody’s style. I would bring my style, and then I would adapt it a little bit. So I could go with a highflyer like Shawn Michaels. I could go with a brawler like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I would have loved to have wrestled those two guys in particular.

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