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Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play coverage of tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show at 8 pm EST. Cesaro & Sheamus will be guests on Miz TV. Also, Bray Wyatt will continue his transformation into Sister Abigail… Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Intercontinental Champion The Miz is in the ring for a edition of Miz TV. He begins with an awards ceremony. The first “Mizzy” goes to Curtis Axel. The crowd chants, “You deserve it!” Axel thanks Miz and then dedicates the award to Bo Dallas. Miz echoes the sentiments and tells Bo to get well soon. Miz says the next award is for best supporting actor because last week was one of the best nights of his life. He dubs it “The destruction of Roman Reigns.” Miz says there is a tie for this award, and the winners are Sheamus & Cesaro.

Sheamus & Cesaro come out to the ring. They get to the ring and thanks Miz for the award. Sheamus starts cutting a promo. He thanks Roman Reigns for making this possible. Then he does a Rocky impression saying, “Hey Roman, we did it!” Cesaro takes the mic now and starts talking and he’s wearing a mouth-guard because of his teeth being knocked out. He thanks Tag Champs Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose for helping them to prove that they don’t set the bar, they are the bar.

Miz says that people who think The Shield will be reuniting are being delusional. There time is past. Miz, The Miztourage, Sheamus & Cesaro have changed the landscape of the game. They have done what no one else has been able to do and that’s get rid of Roman Reigns. Now Miz gets set to give out the third and final award. This man is someone who has truly proven he in the Big Dog in WWE but his name is not Roman Reigns. His name is: The Miz!

Miz dedicates the award to his unborn child. He dedicates it to every child who needs a good role model to look up to. Just then, Roman Reigns’ music hits and he comes out and stands on the main stage. The crowd cheers as he surveys the room and Miz grins cheekily. Miz starts talking some trash and Reigns tells him to shut up. He’s going to give them all one chance to get out of his ring. Miz is amused by this and tells Reigns they’ll do whatever they please. There are four of them and only one of him.

Miz tells Reigns to go back and get Dean or Seth or something. Although, the rumors of The Shield getting back together seem greatly over-hyped. Reigns says, “Rumors? Who said they were rumors?” And Dean Ambrose’s music hits as Ambrose joins Reigns on the stage, followed by Seth Rollins’ music as he comes out as well. The Shield stands side by side on the stage as the crowd pops loudly. The entire arena is on their feet as The Shield begins stomping down toward the ring.

They each take a side of the ring, circling, stalking. Then they jump inside and a brawl ensues. The Shield cleans house and clears the ring of all the heels. They stand triumphantly and Miz is at ringside looking nervous. They move in on him. Miz tries to run away but he gets caught and Ambrose plants him with a Dirty Deeds in the ring. Then The Shield delivers their 3-Man Powerbomb for good measure. Reigns’ music plays as the crowd is as loud as they’ve been all year.

Ambrose is hyped, Reigns is cool, Rollins smiles confidently. They put their fists in for a bump and then they all get hyped. The Shield is reunited


Singles Match: Karl Anderson vs. Jason Jordan

Bell sounds and Jordan starts controlling the match with some amateur wrestling techniques. Anderson lands a flush left hand and grabs a side headlock. Irish whip and Jordan hits a shoulder tackle. He lifts Anderson and boosts him into the air. Anderson falls on his face on the canvas. Anderson manages to take out Jordan’s knee and Jordan sells the pain as he grasps the leg with both hands. Commercial break.

Back again and Anderson has Jordan in an armlock. Anderson hits a spinebuster and pins for a 2-count. Anderson slaps on the armlock again. Jordan stands up and starts fighting back. He delivers a belly-to-back suplex to Anderson and the two sell and slowly get to their feet. As they do, Jordan starts heating up. He lands a series of shots and then a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. He gets Anderson on his shoulders but Luke Gallows jumps on the apron and distracts him.

Anderson avoids the move but not for long, as Jordan hits his Olympic Neckbreaker for the victory.

Winner: Jason Jordan

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