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Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle comes out to the ring. His son Jason Jordan comes out and tells Angle that he wants to face Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship. Reigns comes out and says that he’s a fighting champion but he doesn’t want Jordan, he wants to face Samoa Joe. Then Joe comes out and accepts Reigns’ challenge. Jordan and Joe have words and the crowd boos Jordan as he takes on a spoiled tone and insults Joe. Then as Reigns starts to suggest that his match with Joe is a go, Jordan grabs Reigns and delivers a belly-to-belly overhead suplex.

Jordan scoots out of the ring but Reigns gets on the mic and says that it’s not going down like that. Joe can wait until later tonight but Reigns wants a match with Jordan right now. Jordan has a smirk on his face as Reigns tells Angle to make it official.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jason Jordan

Bell sounds and Reigns starts stomping Jordan out in the corner. Joe is sat up on the main stage watching the match. Reigns takes it to Jordan and tosses him out of the ring. Reigns goes out after him and smacks Jordan’s face off the ring apron. Then Reigns whips Jordan hard into the barricade. Reigns takes Jordan and throws him into the steel ring steps now. Jordan is rolled back in the ring, and as Reigns gets back inside, Jordan starts landing some shots. Reigns quickly defends and throws Jordan out of the ring again.

Reigns goes out and runs around the ring, delivering a drop kicks to Jordan’s face. He rolls Jordan back in the ring and pins for a 2-count. Reigns puts Jordan in a rear chin-lock. Jordan manages to stand up and drives Reigns back into the corner. Then he drives Reigns across the ring with a double-leg and into the opposite corner. Then Jordan repeats that a couple times. Reigns tries to make some space, but as he charges toward Jordan, Jordan moves and Reigns goes shoulder-first into the ring post. Commercial break.

Back again and Jordan has Reigns in an arm-lock. Jordan wrenches on it and strains his face as he tightens the hold. Reigns starts standing up and Jordan looks visibly perturbed. Reigns breaks free and nails Jordan with a clothesline off an Irish whip. Reigns pushes Jordan back into the corner and lands a series of clubbing blows. Reigns lays Jordan out with a final blow and pins for a near-fall. Reigns then stalks for the Superman Punch. As he moves in for the kill, Jordan explodes with a big drop kick, pinning for a near-fall of his own.

Jordan hoists Reigns up but Reigns lands an uppercut that sends Jordan tumbling out of the ring. Reigns goes to ringside and leaps off the steel steps but Jordan catches him in midair and drives him back into the steps. Jordan throws Reigns back in the ring and pins for a 2-count. Jordan scrunches up his face and looks sour over his lack of a pinfall. Jordan delivers a spinebuster to Reigns and pins again but Reigns kicks out. Jordan again looks on the verge of a tantrum. Commercial break.

Back again and Reigns spikes Jordan with a DDT for a 2-count. Reigns slaps on a half Boston crab. Jordan winces in pain as he tries crawling to the bottom rope. Reigns pulls Jordan back out to the middle of the ring. Jordan suddenly manages to counter into a small-package and gets a near-fall. As they scramble to their feet, Reigns cracks Jordan with the Superman Punch. He pins but Jordan just barely manages to kick out. Both men struggle to climb to their feet.

Reigns stalks and howls at the sky. He goes for the Spear but Jordan catches him with a kick on the way in. Jordan then delivers a pair of northern lights suplexes to Reigns into a pin. Reigns gets the shoulder up. Jordan limps on his taped knee. He attempts an Olympic slam on Reigns but Reigns evades and nails Jordan with a Spear for the victory. Roman Reigns retains his IC Title.

Winner: Roman Reigns (c)

After the match, Samoa Joe tells Reigns he looks tried. Maybe the kid wore him out. Joe decides he’s going to go down to the ring and finish what Jordan started. Joe rushes the ring and attacks Reigns, attempting a Coquina Clutch. Jordan comes in and hits Joe with a big suplex, driving him from the ring. Jordan and Joe jaw jack at each other as Joe backs his way up the aisle away from the ring. Suddenly, Reigns comes in and hits Jordan with a Superman Punch, sending him sailing through the ropes to the floor. Joe smiles as he looks on and then heads to the back. Jordan, standing in the aisle, looks up at Reigns in the ring with scorn, pouting over his humiliation…


Kurt Angle is on the phone with Stephanie McMahon and he’s trying to explain that tempers were running high and that he’ll get a handle on things. Jordan comes in and starts begging his dad for another chance at the title. He was THIS close. Angle asks who Jordan thinks he is demanding things. He doesn’t want people thinking he’s playing favorites. Jordan starts bugging about it and Angle finally says he’ll take it under advisement. Then Samoa Joe blindsides Jordan and leaves him laid out as Angle steps in and tries to hold Joe at bay. Joe throws a few verbal barbs at Angle before leaving.

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