Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play coverage of tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show at 8 pm EST. What will happen after Braun Strowman’s attack on Roman Reigns last week? Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Braun Strowman comes out to the ring. Michael Cole introduces Booker T at the commentating booth filling in for David Otunga. Braun says he’s proud to say that last week he broke Roman Reigns in half. The crowd erupts with cheers. Braun recaps all the things he did to Roman and reveals that he’s glad to say that he won’t be here tonight. The crowd pops with every utterance that is set against the interests of Roman.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle comes out to the ring. Angle chastises Braun for his actions last week and makes a match between Roman and Braun for Payback. Braun says that will be Roman’s funeral, but what is he supposed to do tonight? Angle says that he ought to be suspended. Braun can take the night off. Braun tells Angle that Mick Foley used to try to play these games with him and we all saw how that turned out.

Braun tells Angle to get him some competition or else…

Singles Match: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho

Seth Rollins joins the broadcast booth. Joe and Seth show that they have some beef as Joe walks out to the ring. Jericho enters and the bell sounds. Jericho comes out strong and ends up hitting a springboard drop kick that knocks Joe off the apron to the floor. Commercial break.

Back again and Joe is in control now. He drops a senton on Jericho and then squeezes him with a Vulkan death grip. Jericho starts to come back but Joe catches him with a powerslam and slows thing down again. Joe tries to drop an elbow but Jericho moves. Joe hits the mat as Jericho lands a lionsault for a 2-count. Joe manages to lay out Jericho and goes to the top rope. He jumps off for a senton but Jericho moves and gets Joe in the Walls Of Jericho. Joe escapes and gets the Coquina Clutch locked in.

Jericho runs up the turnbuckle and pushes backwards to roll into a pin but Joe transitions into a better leveraged position on the ground. Jericho is forced to tap.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe gets on the mic and starts cutting a promo on Seth. He asks Seth if he remembers the sound when Joe arrived here? The sound of Seth’s ligaments tearing. Joe says that Seth was only ever a target for Joe’s benefactor Triple H. And because of what Seth did to Triple H, and especially his wife, their match at Payback will be personal. Seth says of course it will be personal. Joe almost cost him his career. And you know what they say about payback… payback is a bitch.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are walking backstage and The Drifter is seen playing guitar in the hall as they walk by.

Goldust & R-Truth are moving through the backstage area and are suddenly attacked by Braun Strowman. Officials eventually come in to help as Braun walks off.

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