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Money in the Bank has arrived and we have ladder matches plus several title bouts in a day that will change WWE’s landscape.

Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Bell sounds and Bryan jogs around Cass. They tie up and Cass pushes Bryan back into the corner. Cass winds up for a punch but Bryan moves and lands some shots. Bryan looks for a heel hook but Cass pushes him off. Bryan goes to work on the legs of Cass, trying to chop the big man down. Cass whips Bryan into the corner and Bryan flips over it to the apron. Then Cass body-checks Bryan, who goes flying off the apron to the floor. Cass makes his way outside and then presses Bryan above his head and drops his face on the edge of the ring.

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Back inside now and Cass lands some punches and then drops an elbow on the small of Bryan’s back. Cass pins for a 2-count. Cass smiles and raises his arm smugly and gets booed by the crowd. The crowd then chants Bryan’s name, trying to rally him. Cass squeezes Bryan with a bearhug. Bryan strikes his way out of the hold and the crowd chants “Yes” at each shot. Bryan tries to gain some momentum but Cass counters his efforts with a big slam for a 2-count. Cass taunts Bryan as he crawls in pain. Cass then splashes Bryan in the corner and mocks the “Yes” gestures. The crowd boos.

Cass charges Bryan in the corner and Bryan moves, sending Cass crashing into the turnbuckle. Bryan starts trying to chop Cass down again with kicks and then he hits a couple dragonscrews. Cass holds his freshly rehabbed knee but Bryan continues to pressure, dropping Cass’ kneecap on the edge of the ring. Bryan lands relentless shots to Cass’ knee and then throws his leg into the ring post a couple times. Cass pushes Bryan off but Bryan jumps to the top rope and dropkicks Cass in the back.

Bryan goes corner to corner with dropkicks on Cass. Cass tries to counter with a slam but Bryan transitions into the Yes Lock. Cass endures and reaches the ropes to break the hold. The crowd sighs disappointedly and Cass rolls to the outside for a breather. Bryan nails Cass with a wrecking-ball dropkick. Then he goes to the top rope and delivers a flying clothesline out onto Cass on the floor. Back in the ring and Bryan goes to the top rope again but Cass knocks him loose and Bryan is crotched.

Cass lands some shots and the crowd chants, “Big Cass sucks!” He goes up and hits Bryan with a fallaway slam off the top rope. Cass pins but Bryan kicks out. Cass puts Bryan in the torture rack. Cass ends up dropping Bryan on his face from that position and pins for a 2-count. Cass runs at Bryan and misses with a clothesline. Now Bryan takes advantage and lands some Yes Kicks. As he winds up for the last one, Cass grabs him by the throat. They jockey for position and Bryan ends up landing the final Yes Kick and starts a thunderous “Yes” chant from the crowd.

Bryan charges towards Cass but gets levelled with a big boot. Cass pins. 1-2-… but Bryan kicks out. The crowd cheers and chants Bryan’s name. Cass is frustrated and tries to think of what to do next. Cass decides to apply the torture rack again and then tries to drop Bryan on his face again. Bryan lands on his feet and then returns fire with his big knee. Bryan slaps on the Heel Hook and forces Cass to submit.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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