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Neville has left the United States and moved back to England, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This would indicate that there is no intention for the former Cruiserweight Champion to return to WWE. It was reported back in March that Neville and WWE were talking again but it would seem that didn’t pan out.

Neville quit back in October of 2017 after being told he was to lose to then-CW Champ Enzo Amore. Since quitting the company, Neville sought to be granted a release from his contract to no avail. He remains under contract and cannot wrestle anywhere else while his WWE deal remains frozen in place.

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Meltzer was uncertain whether he was still receiving a paycheck despite not working, but the most likely case is that he is in breach of contract and therefore not being paid.

Neville’s wife, Natalie Satterley had hinted that they were returning to their homeland back in March via some Instagram posts. Nothing was said explicitly but she referenced an extensive amount of packing and told Mika Rotunda that their “guest room is ready and waiting whenever you fancy a trip across the pond!”

Here is the post:

Five million pieces of luggage later… ??? #travels #topshop #converse

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