Thanks to the awesome people at Intense Debate, the comments here on WNZ have received some upgrades. New features have been added in addition to the Facebook and Twitter connect through the comments. Here’s what’s new:

* Reply to comments and posts with a video response. On the comment form below, click the link that says “Or post a video comment” and proceed from there.

* Embed YouTube videos. You can now embed YouTube videos inside your comment. Just hit the YouTube icon above the comment form and enter in the YouTube video URL.

* Insert polls in your comments. Putting polls in your replies or comments are a great way to start discussion. Simply hit the button that says “Add a Poll” and proceed from there.

We’ve also got a new Smiley system on the comment form. Click the yellow box on the far right of the comment form to use those. I hope everyone uses these new features. Thanks to those who have been commenting and thanks to all WNZ visitors for their continued support!

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