– As seen on SmackDown, David Otunga came out wearing a neck brace. The storyline is that he has suffered a ruptured vertebrae in his neck after being attacked by Sheamus.

– Speaking of Sheamus, he and Otunga have been going back and forth on Twitter about the Brogue Kick being banned for tonight’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. Sheamus has been teasing that he will win tonight’s match with the Texas Cloverleaf submission.

– For what it’s worth, SuperLuchas reports that the man who has been playing Dr. Shelby on WWE TV is actor Sam Huntington. Huntington has appeared on Law & Order, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Superman Returns, among others, in the past. WWE officials have been very pleased with Shelby’s performances and there was talk of having him manage Kane and Daniel Bryan at tonight’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

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