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There was an unaired final moment of Paul Heyman’s interview with Renee Young from Raw where he hinted that Roman Reigns can beat Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Heyman had said:

“I’ve known Brock Lesnar for 16 years. I’ve been through every up and down that he has accomplished and that he has suffered and I’ve never seen Brock Lesnar like this. I’ve never seen him more driven. I’ve never seen him more focused. And I know this isn’t a word we like to use around here… I’ve never seen him more violent. Against this Brock Lesnar? Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance.”

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But then, in the unaired bit, Heyman then sighed heavily and looked away from Renee Young contemplatively. He started to speak again, “Unless…” But then he took the mic off his lapel and started to leave, as Renee tried to inquire about what he was going to say. Heyman softly thanked her and took his leave as Renee asks, “Unless what? Unless Roman Reigns does what?”

Watch the full clip below:


Ariya Daivari took to Twitter to say he’s making his return soon:

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