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Ever since defeating Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Carmella has taken every opportunity to let people know she “beat Charlotte Flair!” She repeats it over and over again, so we know and never forget. Paul Heyman praised this tactic on Twitter, saying Carmella clearly understands the first rule of branding: that repetition builds reputation.

Check out the tweet below, where Heyman responded to a fan about Carmella’s use of this technique:

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Jinder Mahal was made fun of by Kurt Angle last night, and he didn’t take it lying down. Jinder had beaten Chad Gable and was told prior to the match that if he won he’d be considered for a qualifying match for Money In The Bank. After taking Angle up on that prospect, Angle turned him down in a rather embarrassing fashion.

So later, Jinder interfered in the main event, a MITB triple threat qualifier, and cost Roman Reigns the victory. Jinder took to Twitter afterward to tell everybody he’s done asking for his opportunities and that he’s going to make his opportunities instead.

Here are the tweets:

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