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– One of the reasons Brock Lesnar was able to succeed in the WWE was Paul Heyman serving as the mouthpiece. Heyman would cut riveting promos as Lesnar did all the work inside the ring.

Arguably, the best catchphrase was “Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat.” The phrase really gained speed when Lesnar did the unthinkable and handed Undertaker his first WrestleMania loss. WWE would eventually make the rant a t-shirt.

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Now, the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released a shirt that is very similar Heyman’s words. Heyman didn’t seem too impressed and told the NFL football team to send over royalties as seen below.

Heyman’s next step in pro wrestling is not known right now. With Brock Lesnar working on a UFC return, Heyman has no role on TV. He was rumored to work with Kevin Owens, but those were denied. Last time we saw Heyman on TV, Kurt Angle denied Lesnar an immediate Universal Championship rematch.

– Earlier in the week, former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres-Gracie had her second child. Eve had her first child in September 2015 with Renson Gracie, who is from the famous MMA family. The couple got married in April 2014.

Below is Eve announcing the birth of the baby boy that joins her family.

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