Former WWE superstar, now retired wrestler, Pete Gas recently did an interview with The Canadian Bulldog. They went over his time in WWE and what’s going on now. Below are the highlights.

Favorite WWE moment:

I had so many favorite matches. But if I had to choose one I would say WrestleMania 2000 Hardcore Battle Royal. Getting the chance to win even for a minute means the world to me.

End of his WWE run:

They brought us back a month later in the Corporate Ministry. A year after that, we were sent to Memphis to their developmental system and doing TV at the same time. Eventually we were off TV. That was over two years later. They split the Posse up. I was sent to IWA Puerto Rico and we were all released three months later.

Current Status:

I am actually finishing up my biography about the things we discussed and much more. Anyone looking to read some fun stories about the Attitude Era should look out for the book sometime next year.

To read the entire interview, please click here.

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