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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports there are some backstage at WWE pushing to have Bray Wyatt turn on Woken Matt Hardy and then become leader of SAnitY when they move to the main roster. The idea has apparently only been pitched at this point and nothing is, as yet, set in stone.

Wyatt only recently joined Woken Matt, helping him to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Matt & Bray are now scheduled to face The Revival on next week’s Raw, with the winners going on to face The Bar for the tag titles at the Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27th.

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Considering Bray and Matt literally just became a team this very week, mere days ago in fact, the thought that they’d be pushing to have Bray “turn on” Matt already is frankly absurd. It would be absolutely meaningless. They haven’t yet developed enough of an emotional investment from the audience to make a betrayal have any sort of impact at all.

To think there are people backstage lobbying for this idea, when they JUST joined Matt & Bray together, shows what a bunch of hacks WWE has working for them. WWE clearly has no long-term plans and has forgotten how to tell stories. If you join two people together and then split them up a week later, you just wasted everyone’s time. If something like this were to go ahead, it buries everything that they might have started to establish with these characters and weakens them going forward.


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