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– On this Tuesday’s SmackDown, Asuka vs. Carmella is being advertised in local markets. This has led to speculation that Asuka will get added to the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.

Originally, the match was Carmella defending her title against Becky Lynch after the challenger beat the champion. A week later, Charlotte returned to action and defeated Carmella as well to enter the match. If WWE is following that pattern and Asuka gets the win on Tuesday, she could make the bout a fatal four-way.

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At the last two pay per views, Asuka was unable to capture the belt from Carmella as James Ellsworth got involved both times. Now, Ellsworth is off TV as WWE did an angle where Paige fired him. Ellsworth was never under contract with WWE and was getting paid per appearance.

– Last weekend Brian Christopher passed away at 46 years old after hanging himself inside jail. The funeral was held on Friday, where Christopher laid in a personalized casket. During the funeral, there were several tributes held and parts of the event were captured on video as seen below.

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