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Here is some of the Monday Night Raw fallout (4/9/2018) from last night’s broadcast.

No Way Jose is on the main roster & poised for the Superstar Shake-up:

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Ember Moon shows love to NXT and is ready for Raw:

Will we be seeing more of Brother Nero?:

Bobby Lashley makes his ambitions clear:

The Authors of Pain close the book on Paul Ellering:

Are The Revival ready for “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt?:

Seth Rollins wants to face AJ Styles:


Last night’s Raw saw the return of Bobby Lashley. No way Jose made a brief debut on the main roster by snuffing out some jobber.

The Authors of Pain also made the move up from NXT and jettisoned their manager Paul Ellering in the process. Much is being made of this decision online currently, as many fans are expressing their displeasure over Ellering’s removal. It is thought by some that this is the first step in burying AoP and that Ellering was an integral part of the team’s success. That may be true. But what is also probably true is that Paul Ellering himself didn’t want to take on a full-time road schedule at the ripe old age of 65. Most people would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than listen to an AoP promo. So if they don’t get a new manager, chances are AoP will end up on ice, right beside the likes of The Ascension, in short-order.

Ember Moon also made her debut on the big show, and Samoa Joe made his return after a long layoff due to injury. Joe came out and interrupted a Roman Reigns promo; a promo in which the crowd mercilessly booed Reigns. By the end of the segment, Reigns’ face was flushed and his eyes had a touch of moisture in them. His countenance read disappointment, sadness, embarrassment, insecurity, anger and melancholy all at once after Samoa Joe berated him and told him Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would always defeat him. It’s truly hard to say where WWE can go with Reigns from here. He has a cage match scheduled against Lesnar this month in Saudi Arabia. But the fans have been clear. They don’t want him as a baby-face. He’s a natural heel. But it might even be too late to turn him heel. Is his character ruined? Time will tell.

Until then, watch below for complete Raw highlights:

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