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Here are the top ten moments from last night’s Monday Night Raw broadcast:


Watch below for some bonus clips from this week’s new episode of Total Divas:

*** reports that Friday’s match between Roman Reigns and Triple H will be for the Intercontinental Championship.

Read Reigns’ comments below:

“I’m super excited. Going against Triple H, I think that speaks for itself. I’m always down to defend my yard… It’s not just a regular match, it’s for my Intercontinental title. I’m looking forward to put it up on the line… that’s the type of champion I want to be.”

Triple H commented as well, pointing out that he comes from a much more intense era of pro wrestling than Reigns does:

“I bring a different intensity that my era brought to the ring. This is kind of a rematch from WrestleMania… and Roman is probably one of the most intense competitors in the WWE right now so I look forward to stepping in the ring with him. He calls himself the ‘Big Dog’, I call myself ‘The Game’… So, we’ll see.”

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