– As noted, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H gave speeches and were awarded for WWE’s concussion work at the Sports Legacy Institute dinner on October 23rd. Also appearing for WWE were Jane Geddes, Dr. Chris Amman, Dr. Michael Samson and Dr. Joseph Maroon.

– As noted, students from the Team 3D Wrestling Academy and the Team Vision Dojo received tryouts before Monday’s RAW in Orlando. The best four talents were told they would be getting a live dark match tryout before Tuesday night’s tapings in Tampa but that never happened.

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– As you can imagine, most of the WWE talents hate segments like the ones on RAW where they all have to stand on the stage and get lectured by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Nobody can or does say anything about it. The feeling is everyone on the stage that has to stand there and do nothing while insulted, particularly if you’re a babyface, comes across like a prelim-level guy.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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