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– Wednesday’s episode of NXT saw a rare champion vs. champion match as Ricochet took on Pete Dunne. The match was thrilling, but had a lame ending of the Undisputed Era getting involved to cause a no contest.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed that the reason for the match was to create heat towards Undisputed Era.

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“It could have been an awesome 25-minute match and it’s still a great match but it was lacking the most important thing in the match which is the finish,” said Meltzer. “They had to take one for the team in a lot of ways because the whole idea was to put heat on the Undisputed Era for breaking up this big match that was the whole story — that was the reason for the match being so great for it to be broken up.”

With Takeover WarGames returning this November, this could have been used to help setup a future match. Last year, the Undisputed Era won WarGames and the stable looks to be headed towards another round inside the steel structure.

– Carmella continues to undergo dramatic changes in recent weeks. Over the past few days, Carmella has gotten rid of the blonde hair and replaced it with a brownish color; that also appears to have a hint of red as seen below.

At SummerSlam, Carmella’s first reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion was ended by Charlotte Flair. She would go on to lose the rematch and then be removed from the title scene as Becky Lynch stepped-in.

When season two of the Mixed Match Challenge was announced, Carmella was paired with R-Truth. The two have been working together on TV and at live events, with Carmella apparently turning face.

If I had to chose, the blonde hair seemed like a better fit for Carmella. But, the darker shade will probably grow on me. At the end of the day, it is just a different color of hair.

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