Former WWE star Rene Dupree recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip on Wrestling Podcast. During that interview, he talked about working with Paul Heyman, CM Punk as a wrestler, and JBL still being involved in WWE.

Working with Paul Heyman and CM Punk in OVW and how his suggestion may have inspired Punk’s infamous promo style:

Paul Heyman was in OVW and I was on one of my leaves and I would still go to OVW to train and keep myself in ring shape. He would have these meetings and say “guys I’ll be backstage at 10pm and anyone is welcome to come”. Well nobody showed up except me and Punk. We were the only two guys that ever showed up because I wanted to pick Paul Heyman’s “genius”. He asked us what makes a great promo and I said it’s simple. All you have to do is shoot and take whatever they give you and you just shoot on it from the heart. Well, what got Punk so over? When he started shooting. Maybe he knew it before I did or maybe he didn’t but I know he was deep in thought when I said that. Paul Heyman looked at me and started laughing. So take that as you will. That term (“genius”) is thrown around way too loosely.

JBL still being involved with WWE given his past reputation and how he hopes today’s talent has a better experience:

They do business a certain way there. I think that the office for certain people such as him (JBL) puts him in those positions to test how far they can push them and see how far they can take it before they snap. I think it’s all a part of the game. Hopefully that has changed and I haven’t been there for nine years so hopefully it’s better and it should be the greatest place in the world to work and it is a lot of people’s dreams to be on TV and to do this for a living. But it kind of sours you when you have to work with assholes and it is such a competitive atmosphere because there is no place else to go. Hopefully it’s changed but he’s still there, good for him. It was probably worse, because I’ve heard stories from before I was there about the bullsh*t people went through which was even worse. Hopefully it’s changed and hopefully the guys have a lot better experiences than I did.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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