Orton confronts Charles Robinson and asks him to do the right thing and call it down the middle. Orton asks if Charles understands what he is trying to say, and Robinson says he will call it down the middle.

Matthews introduces the panel to the audience, and then Ryback’s music hits before he can ask them any questions.

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Ryback comes out and says his favorite Survivor Series moment is when he shut up the old-timers on the panel – just now. Ryback goes on to say that he’s not a bully and then he issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Mark Henry comes out.

Ryback starts to work on Henry in the corner. Ryback hits him with a clothesline and gets the two count.

Henry storms through and hits Ryback with a huge splash.

Ryback counters Henry’s powerslam and sends Henry in the corner. Ryback postures up in the opposite corner and gets hit by a crossbody from Henry.

Henry nails Ryback with the World’s Most Devastating Slam, and gets the three count.

Mark Henry defeats Ryback by pinfall

The panel preps us for our World Heavyweight Championship match.

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