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In the near future, don’t be surprised to see some former champions return to WWE. Dean Ambrose, Jason Jordan and Rey Mysterio are currently set to return to WWE within the next month or so.

During Wrestling Observer Live, they noted how the plan is to reunite Jordan with Chad Gabler to reform American Alpha. The team was split when Jordan moved to RAW and was reveled as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate child. The storyline was met with a negative reaction and no word if WWE will continue the angle. Jordan has been out for the entire year after undergoing neck surgey. His return could happen at any time.

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Ambrose should return later this month or early September. The idea is for Ambrose to reunite with Seth Rollins. WWE has been teasing the idea of Rollins needing help to fend off Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Rey Mysterio is still headed back to WWE after receiving major pops during both Rumble Matches this year. The delay is due to Mysterio wanting to work the All In show in early September. No word on which brand Mysterio will join.

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