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The Nature Boy Ric Flair recently spoke with Revolt. During the interview, he talked about how he feels about being a cult hero in the hip-hop scene, what the backstory for the ‘Nature Boy’ is, and how he feels about John Cena looking to break the 16-time world championship record.

On being a cult hero in the hip-hop scene:

I mean it’s so rewarding. It’s hard to explain all that stuff I did in the ’80s. All that money I spent on jewelry when nobody was wearing it. [Laughs] It’s all coming back around full circle. I used to sometimes want to kill myself later in life for all the money I spent renting jet airplanes, limousines, and all of that. But, now it’s coming back full circle. I don’t regret any of it. So to have the respect of guys like Snoop Dogg, who I’ve been friends with forever, and Offset, whose career and future is unlimited, I’m thrilled by it.

On the backstory for the ‘Nature Boy’:

Well, after surviving an airplane crash in ’75, a guy named George Scott, who was a booker and good friend of mine, just kind of took a look into where I was going and what I was doing, took a little bit of “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, a couple of other guys, and I took that and felt a level of comfort, which is very important. I think that success of any kind is reflected upon your level of comfort in what you’re doing. I’m watching Offset perform on set the other day, and that’s him. He loves that. That’s not game, man. He goes “Where’s my diamond rings?” and “I can’t shoot this without my necklace.” [Laughs] He knows the gimmick, he’s got it going on.

On John Cena looking to break the 16-time championship record:

I think it’s great. If anybody deserves that honor, it’s John. He’s a trooper. 16 years, no time off, very unselfish, the king of Make-A-Wish, [he’s] just a great guy. He’s the flagship. He has done everything that it takes. John completely devoted and committed to being the flagship for the company and he is. So if he wins 17, I’ll be happy for him. I’ll be the person to shake his hand.

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