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Roman Reigns recently spoke with Sport 360. During the interview, he gave his take on facing Triple H in a match this week in Abu Dhabi, and also what it’s like being compared to all-time greats in wrestling.

On facing Triple H this week:

“Going against Triple H, I think that speaks for itself. We were the main event of the largest WrestleMania of all time and we are proud to be able to bring this to the WWE Universe in Abu Dhabi. I can guarantee we are going to put on a spectacular show.”

On being compared to all-time greats in wrestling:

“I never look at it as being the next anybody, I just want to be first Roman Reigns. It’s very flattering, you’re in good company when you are being compared to John Cena and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), but all I can be is me, all I can be is Roman Reigns and that’s all I want to be.”


Samir Singh has some words for Triple H as Jinder Mahal gets ready to face The Game in India this month:

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