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Ronda Rousey recently became the first woman inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. There has been a peculiar string of online criticisms about the matter from people who seem to forget Rousey’s accomplishment. Many are calling her ‘overrated’ and ‘undeserving’ of being in the UFC Hall of Fame.

But Rousey was the sole reason a women’s division was ever created in the UFC. She became one of the highest paid, not just women, but UFC fighters, period. She was one of the biggest draws and one of the longest-reigning champions when you factor in her Strikeforce run. Rousey’s run in MMA is a watershed moment in the history of women’s MMA and she single-handedly changed the game forever and ushered in a new era of MMA. She is legend any way you slice it. In the most objective sense, her achievements are undeniable to all but the most delusional.

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Rousey came into MMA as an Olympic medalist already and has since transcended the sport, going on to do movies and other things. Of course, she is now in the midst of a so-far successful WWE run and will make her next appearance at Extreme Rules.

She said the following in her HOF speech:

“Because of you (the fans) I am the first woman standing up here accepting this incredible honor. May I be the first of many. I look around and think: ‘Together we have built this.’ This division, this sport, this revolution. Together we have redefined what it means to be strong; to be sexy. We changed what it means to fight like a girl. “


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