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Ronda Rousey was not present during last night’s Raw, even though it was recently reported she would be appearing on every Raw until WrestleMania 34. WWE has now altered the advertisements and Rousey will no longer appear for the next two episodes of Raw. The original article advertising her for every Raw has also been deleted. The next Raw Rousey is scheduled for will be the one right before her debut at WrestleMania itself.

There is no reason given for the change but some reasonable speculation might be that she wants to spend the time making sure she is prepared to wrestle (although one would think she could do that and still take 10 minutes out of her training to do a segment on Raw).

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Rousey will appear on Ellen today.


Seth Rollins recently spoke with M Live. During the interview, he talked about his partner Dean Ambrose missing WrestleMania due to injury, how his own injury last year change his perspectives, and how recently he lasted over an hour in the Gauntlet Match.

On Ambrose missing ‘Mania for injury:

“Neither of us, myself and Dean, had ever suffered any major injuries. For me in the months I was recovering, it was a good experience to step back away from being a pro wrestler and be myself and live my life and experience some things I never had the time for. If you’re going to get hurt, the period around Wrestlemania is the worst time. Ambrose is the man. He’ll be back. It’s not about Wrestlemania this year, it’s about Wrestlemania next year and the year after that. It’s about the long term.”

On his injury last year changing his perspectives:

“I think I’m just more aware of the little things with my body than I was before. I felt so invincible. I took for granted the little nagging injuries and didn’t treat them the way I should have. Not that I could have prevented the major injury. It was a freak accident. It’s not like my body wasn’t prepared. It didn’t just give out on me. I think for me my physical awareness has gotten better and I’m better at keeping up with the little injuries.”

On lasting over an hour in the Gauntlet Match:

“It was a long time. You’re out there and try to do your best and make a statement. I think it’s the longest I’ve ever gone in all of my career. I had a Ring Of Honor title match with Austin Aries that went to an hour draw and maybe an overtime. I can’t recall. But that gauntlet match was something. I was happy I got to make a statement and show the wrestling world, hey, don’t forget about me. I’m still elite.”

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