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After defeating Daniel Bryan in last night’s Money In The Bank qualifying match, Rusev took to social media to react:

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Rusev has recently gotten over, with a little help from Aiden English, completely on his own merits. He and English somehow managed to get the Rusev Day gimmick over to the point where the audience even chants it now when they’re bored during Roman Reigns matches. It has ascended to the ranks of the ‘CM Punk’ chants and the ‘What?’ chants as a versatile go-to for the fanbase. They chant it when they’re happy, when they’re mad, when they’re bored…

Just when it seemed like WWE creative was digging a hole for Rusev, he somehow turned it into a towering platform of greatness. Even despite this, Rusev was still putting guys over week in, week out. Until last night. And beating the likes of Daniel Bryan clean is no small nod, especially with Bryan so freshly returned and on the rise again. Perhaps WWE is budging and giving Rusev the respect he has deserved for a very long time.


SAnitY’s Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe took to Twitter to let everyone know they are coming to purge Smackdown Live. SAnity’s debut on the main roster has been teased ever since the Superstar Shakeup but they’ve yet to make an appearance.

WWE aired a ‘coming soon’ promo package last night for them and it appears the day is nearing:

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