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Seth Rollins provided an update on Dean Ambrose recently when he spoke with the Asbury Park Press. Rollins says Ambrose is doing well and will hopefully be back by the end of the year. He also talked about the Shield reunion and said that it started off great but there is nothing that can be done about certain forces of nature intervening.

On Dean Ambrose’s status:

“Dean’s good, man, he’s on the mend. He’s on his way back. Hopefully sometime before the end of the year we’ll see Dean Ambrose on WWE television again.”

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On the short Shield Reunion:

“It really started off great, I thought. The reconciliation over the summer, myself and Ambrose winning tag team titles, and then bringing Roman into the fold was really well done and a lot of fun and exciting. And then, you know, the mumps happened, and there’s nothing you can really do about that, so that threw a real wrench into the plans. And Ambrose got hurt, so what can you do? That’s part of the business, that’s part of the game.

One thing that’s exciting about it is I think it leaves us a lot of room for future Shield reunions, so that’s cool to see. If we get an opportunity to do that at some point down the road that would be great. You know, we haven’t done it and thrown it away and wasted it. But yeah man, it’s just (that) stuff happens, you can’t predict those variables of people getting sick or injured.”

Ambrose has been out of action since December 2017 when he injured his tricep and was forced to undergo surgery.


WWE Champion AJ Styles had a little back and forth on Twitter with a fan who was critical about the prospect of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega eventually signing with WWE. The fan said that he’d rather not see them come to WWE and have their characters buried and ruined. Styles countered saying professional wrestling is a job and these guys also need to make a living. The fan then suggested that WWE shouldn’t be the only game in town because competition drives a better product. Styles had to agree, and then he thanked the fan for an amiable discussion.

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