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Former NXT talent Zahra Schreiber, best-known publicly as Seth Rollins’ ex-girlfriend with whom he cheated on his ex-fiancee and had nudes leaked, now appears to be dating Smackdown star Sonya Deville.

Social media manifested some speculation about Deville and Schreiber’s relationship due to the two being seen in intimate looking photographs online. The speculation was confirmed in the following tweets from the last few days:

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The speculation began with these two photos, which are shot in that particular style favored by romantic couples the world over:

Schreiber was involved in a significant scandal back in 2015 with the current Intercontinental Champion, Rollins. The scandal involved Rollins’ ex-fiancee, Leighla Schultz, leaking nude photos of Schreiber on Rollins’ Twitter account, and leaking nudes of Rollins on her own Twitter account, after uncovering the pair’s clandestine tryst.

The nudes of Schreiber even appeared on for a brief time because the site had a feed which automatically linked to Rollins’ Twitter posts. Needless to say, Schultz and Rollins split up after that but Rollins and Schreiber continued dating until breaking up in early 2016.

Schreiber competed in NXT for a time but was ultimately released after her affinity for Nazi symbolism came to light. WWE stated at the time that they released her “due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.”

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