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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the match against Big Show at last year’s WrestleMania that never came to fruition.

“I don’t know what happened,” Shaq said. “Off the court he’s one of my favorite people. Nice guy. I’ve always been a fan of his. I would have loved for that match to go down but… I don’t know what happened.”

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Shaq then queried as to whether or not Big Show was officially retired. The Van Vliet said he didn’t think so and Shaq looked at the camera saying “You lie to me Big Show?” and then jokingly mouthed the word “Motherf-cker.”

Shaq then started showing off his pythons and, still staring into the camera, asked Big Show if he’s ready.

“Can’t squeeze that,” he said while displaying his biceps, “Can’t squeeze a rock can you?”

Finally, Shaq said he’d “think about” a possible match with Show at next year’s WrestleMania.

Here’s the video:

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