– Simon Gotch was released earlier this year and spoke to Wrestle List on a number of topics. One of the questions was about a possible return to WWE, where Gotch looked back at the all superstars who have recently returned to WWE and found success. The complete interview can be heard by clicking here.

“Serena Deeb was actually just back in the Mae Young Classic and I’m pretty sure everyone thought she was blackballed after she got released and I must have heard she’d retired a couple of years ago. So she’s an example of someone who a lot of people would’ve thought would never be back. Mickie James, Alundra Blayze, Drew McIntyre is probably one that people thought would never come back or Jinder Mahal. For me personally, I think it’s a matter of – I would need to come back under the right circumstances. I wasn’t happy with how I was used when I was there. I wouldn’t want to come back to basically fall into that same trap again.”

– Jessika Carr, who wrestled the Indy scene as Kennadi Brink, officially started with WWE by working the Mae Classic Tournament. Carr is the first full-time female referee to be hired by WWE and she went to Instagram to discuss what’s next.

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