– Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report sent the following:

Sin Cara gave an interview to Tercera Caida while WWE was on tour in Mexico and spoke candidly about his time in WWE saying that he feels like he is going upward now that he is healthy and hasn’t felt this good in a while. Sin Cara also talked about the controversial action figure with him in a sling which was a mistake and he thought it was pretty funny and didn’t take any offense to it. Cara was asked about rumors of WWE having interest in Volador Jr. and he welcomed that idea wholeheartedly saying that he thinks Volador could be big there. The hosts also brought up comments made by the current Mistico in Mexico about the former Mistico and Cara said that Mistico is crazy if he thinks that he is better than Cara was when he was under that gimmick.

– John Cena tweeted to hype his return at WWE Hell In a Cell tonight:

“2nite @WWEUniverse at #hiac #cenation knows #WRS thanks @KingJames @TheRock for letting @WWE borrow the #AAA 2nite PPV 2nite #evenstronger”

– Dolph Ziggler has been cast in a role for the Max Landis movie “Me Him Her”, which will begin filming this summer in Los Angeles.

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