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Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and John Cena’s music hits. The crowd sings, “John Cena Sucks!” along with the music as Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena gets on the mic and starts playing off the crowd. He says he’s as fired up as everyone here in Toronto tonight. He starts talking about his “dream match” with Shinsuke Nakamura last week, and how he found out pretty quick that Nakamura wasn’t scared of anything. The crowd begins chanting, “Naka-Mura!” Cena says he didn’t know why people would chant that before the match, but now he understands.

Cena was doing his thing, Five-Knuckle Shuffle, the whole bit. Then suddenly, the ref was raising Nakamura’s hand. No interference, no bad officiating, no Montreal screwjob… The Canadian crowd chuckles, and so does Cena, at this reference. But Cena goes on to say he couldn’t get down on himself. He had to dust himself off and go on. Suddenly, Money In The Bank winner Baron Corbin’s music hits and he comes out. He starts cutting a promo on Cena, telling him to shut his mouth.

Corbin says he is the MITB winner and if Cena is going to be out here singing anyone’s praises it should be him. Cena tells Corbin he’s nothing but a skinny-fat dumpster fire, and if he wants to tangle, he can come on down to the ring right now and get it on. Corbin feigns like he’s going to storm to the ring but then thinks better of it, saying he doesn’t need to beat John Cena because he has the MITB briefcase. Cena doesn’t have any incentive for him. The crowd starts to chant, “Dumpster Fire!” Corbin states that Cena has nothing he wants and turns to leave.

At this, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes out, standing directly before Corbin at the entrance way. Bryan tells Corbin that he doesn’t know if he’s a dumpster fire, or if he’s the future, he doesn’t have a crystal ball. All he knows is that Corbin will be taking on 16-time champ John Cena in a match at SummerSlam. The crowd cheers and Bryan’s music plays him off.

Tag Team Match: The Usos vs. Tye Dillinger & Sami Zayn

Bell sounds and Dillinger starts taking it to Jimmy Uso. He mounts him in the corner and rains down a series of shots to Jimmy’s face. He tags Sami who prepares to deliver a Helluva Kick, but Jey Uso gets his brother out of dodge before it can pop off. Commercial break.

Back again and Dillinger gets tagged in and comes in hot. He delivers some kicks and knees and then a stomp to the side of Jey’s face. Dillinger winds up for something but Jey rolls out of the ring. Dillinger motions for a high-risk move but gets caught with a punch from Jey. But then Sami does a flip over the top rope out onto Jimmy & Jey. Back in the ring and Sami hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2-count.

Sami is knocked outside and leveled on the floor. The Usos capitalize on Dillinger’s attempt to climb to the top rope and Jimmy forces him to tap to a Tequila Sunrise.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, The Usos mock The New Day and say they’re going to beat them for the titles at SummerSlam. That’s when New Day’s music plays and Big E appears at the entrance way gyrating his hips. The Usos are then attacked from behind by Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods. New Day brings in some steel chairs and make threatening gestures towards Jimmy. Jey just manages to pull his brother out of the ring before New Day can commence with their assault. The two teams jaw-jack at each other from across the way, New Day in the ring and The Usos straggling their way to the back.

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