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Wrestlenewz brings you play-by-play coverage and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show starts at 8 pm EST. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will appear to address his son Shane’s suspension last week. Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter. After the Smackdown play-by-play is done, click here for live play-by-play coverage of the Mae Young Classic Finale.

Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Kevin Owens comes out to the ring. Owens welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens Show. He says everyone better get used to him saying that because, after Shane McMahon’s assault on him last week, he is taking the company to court. And when Smackdown is officially his, a lot of people are going to be getting fired. Sami Zayn? Fired. The commentators will be getting trimmed down; Byron Saxton and Tom Philips sound the same anyways, so there is no need for both of them. Owens is not a fan of the Fashion Files either, so that’s gone.

Owens decides to save the rest of his plans for later and invites Vince McMahon to come out. Shane’s music hits and Owens starts screaming, “NO!” But it turns out to be Dolph Ziggler in his latest impression of other star’s gimmicks. Owens is relieved and says he really thought it was Shane, but it was actually someone talented who works hard. He thanks Ziggler for coming out to entertain them and Ziggler heads to the back again. Then Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes out to the ring.

Bryan tells Owens that he doesn’t run the show and that this whole game is going to be up very soon. Mr. McMahon will be there momentarily and Bryan says Owens won’t like what he has to say. Owens says he can’t wait and Mr. McMahon won’t like what HE has to say either.


United States Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Tye Dillinger

Bell sounds and they both come out aggressively. Irish whip and Styles drops down and leap frogs. They jockey for position but Dillinger gets an edge. Styles fires back with a drop kick. Styles ends up on the apron and he tries to suplex Dillinger out of the ring but Dillinger throws him into the ring post. Styles topples off the apron to the floor. Commercial break.

Back again and Dillinger has Styles mounted in the corner, raining down punches. Styles runs out, holding Dillinger up, and slams him in the center of the ring. Styles lands some shots. He goes for a pele kick but misses. Dillinger bounces off the ropes and Styles clotheslines him out of his skin. Both men take their time getting to their feet. Styles runs at Dillinger but gets backdropped to the apron. Styles knocks Dillinger back and sets up for a Phenomenal Forearm.

Suddenly, Baron Corbin comes in and hops on the apron and Styles hits him with the Forearm instead. Dillinger takes advantage and hits Styles with a Tye Breaker. He pins: 1-2-… Styles just kicks out. Dillinger is visibly shocked. Styles ends up transitioning into a Calf-Crusher and forces Dillinger to tap out.

Winner: AJ Styles (c)

Dillinger and Styles shake hands in the ring after the match. Corbin runs up and pulls Styles out of the ring and lays him out. Dillinger comes out and Corbin clotheslines him to the floor. Corbin delivers an End Of Days to Styles at ringside and tells him that next week, for the US Title Open Challenge, Corbin will be his opponent.


Rusev is interviewed about his recent return to his home country of Bulgaria. He said he was ashamed and embarrassed to face his countrymen after losing to Randy Orton at SummerSlam. But he will redeem himself soon.


WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal comes out with the Singh Brothers. Jinder starts cutting a promo on Nakamura. He puts a picture up on the big screen of a frame showing Nakamura’s face all scrunched up and frozen at an inopportune moment in time. Jinder and the Singhs start laughing. Jinder makes some constipation jokes and mocks Nakamura. Jinder shows some more pictures and continues his disparagement. He makes a “Godzirra!!!” joke.

Jinder then looks at someone sitting in the front row and asks if they’re laughing at what he just said? Jinder changes his direction and states that this is an example of the American way. Anyone who just laughed is the problem. He tells Nakamura that he doesn’t want to be champion. These people will chant “USA!” whenever you’re in the ring. They won’t respect you or where you come from. And Nakamura doesn’t want to endure the pain that comes with facing the modern day Maharaja.

Jinder holds the belt up as his music begins playing and he poses in the ring.


Kevin Owens is backstage going over all the changes he plans to make to the show as an assistant writes down what he says. Owens starts walking through the back now and he runs into Sami Zayn. Owens busts Zayn’s balls about how he’s about to be out of a job when Owens takes possession of the company. Zayn says he’d rather work the indys than ever work for Owens.

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