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– One of the most gifted superstars to step foot inside a WWE ring is Shelton Benjamin. While Benjamin is currently healthy, the SmackDown superstar has not competed in some time and wants General Manager Paige to book him in a match.

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In 2010, Benjamin was shockingly released by WWE. He kept wrestling outside of WWE and became a hot commodity. When WWE split the brands up again, Benjamin re-signed with company in August 2017. For most of his second stint, Benjamin worked with helping elevate Chad Gable. Since Gable was sent to RAW, Benjamin has only worked a few matches and not wrestled since June.

While Benjamin has the skills to be WWE Champion, he does not have the same ability on the microphone. Still, he should be used to help other wrestlers get over or head down to NXT to prepare those getting close to a main roster call up.

– Ted Turner, who is best known as the owner of WCW, is battling Lewy Body Dementia. The billionaire revealed the condition in an upcoming CBS Sunday Morning interview with Ted Koppel.

“It’s a mild case of what people have as Alzheimer’s,” said Turner. “It’s similar to that. But not nearly as bad. Alzheimer’s is fatal. Thank goodness I don’t have that.”

The disease is described as a progressive neurological disorder that attacks the areas of the brain responsible for behavior, cognition and movement.

While Turner gave Vince McMahon a run for his money in the late 1990s with WCW, it was his open wallet and TV time that pushed WWE to the brink of bankruptcy. We all know the end of the story as WWE pushed back strong with the Attitude Era and WCW quickly sank as they failed to create new stars.

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