– WWE Champion CM Punk hyped Night of Champions on his Twitter last night:

“Boston. Tomorrow. Embrace the hate.”

Fans chimed in with how that was Kane’s line and Punk replied:

“Was that a Kane thing? Alright. Violence. Embrace violence. I’m going to beat everybody up. That better? Marks.”

– We noted earlier that AJ Lee putting Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young in a #1 contenders match at RAW last week was part of the feud between AJ and Booker T that they are building to. Titus O’Neil says he will be at Night of Champions tonight to confront AJ. He tweeted:

“Off to Boston. Not very happy with the #RAW GM AJ Lee. Blatant abuse of power and she will hear all about it face to Face at #NOC”

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