Del Rio takes the mic away from Lilian Garcia and he insists he is introduced in Spanish. They lock up and break apart. Del Rio attacks Christian’s legs with some kicks. Del Rio gives Christian a headlock and doesn’t let up. Christian breaks free but Del Rio sends his body to the mat. As Del Rio showboats, Christian throws him out of the ring. Christian chases him and as he gets back in the ring, goes up for the top rope but Del Rio reverses and locks Christian’s legs upside down on the turnbuckle by a flying kick to the back of the head.

Del Rio throws him out of the ring and sends Christian crashing into the barricade. He throws him inside the ring for the pin but only gets a two-count. Del Rio hits him with a drop kick and weakens Christian’s shoulders. Del Rio goes to the top rope and dropkicks Christian’s shoulders. Del Rio working on the shoulders with a few more dropkicks. Christian is lying on the second rope and Del Rio goes to hit him with another kick but Christian moves out of the way and Del Rio hits the mat hard. Christian hits a splash off the top rope onto the outside but is grabbing his left arm.

Back in the ring, Del Rio slaps Christian and misses a flying strike off the top rope as Christian gets a leg up to his face. Christian hits a missile dropkick off the top rope. He then pits Del Rio against the turnbuckle and gets the 10-count from the fans with punches. Christian hits a crossbody off the turnbuckle. Del Rio calls for a time out and sucker punches Christian. Christian hits back, goes for the Killswitch but misses and Del Rio hits a Backstabber off the second rope as Christian went for a reverse moonsault.

Del Rio hits another flying kick to Christian’s head in the corner. Del Rio is now sporting a legit black eye. Christian hits Del Rio on the way up and sets up a flying elbow off the second rope. Del Rio spears Christian to the corner and sets him up on the top rope. Christian fights off, tries to sunset flip powerbomb but Del Rio punches him down. Christian fights back and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Christian runs at Del Rio but gets a nasty dropkick to the face and Del Rio gets the two-count. Del Rio sets up Christian for his finisher but Christian hits a drop-toehold and smacks him in the face as he flies to the outside. Fans chant this is awesome. Christian scores a spear but injures his shoulder…grimacing and holding it but Del Rio hits the armbreaker. Christian fighting on trying to grab the ropes but Christian eventually taps. Great matchup.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Christian by submission; retains World Heavyweight Championship

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