Lesnar makes his way to the ring with improved black MMA shorts – and a beanie. JBL lauds his victory over Randy Couture in the UFC. Punk comes out in his habitual sweater. This match was changed to a No Holds Barred stipulation.

Punk charges Lesnar but Brock spears him into the corner twice as Punk tries to fight back. Brock puts him on the top rope and throws him off, sending him to the adjacent turnbuckle. Punk fights back with a punch to the face. Punk goes for a kick but it gets caught – as Lesnar catches him in mid-air and throws him to the turnbuckle once more.

Lesnar works the body with some stomps and yells at Punk. Punk kicks him in the head and hits a flying knee. Another flying knee sends Lesnar to the outside. Punk hits a springboard through the second ropes onto Lesnar. Punk goes to hit him with the stairs but Lesnar bodychecks the whole thing sending Punk on his back. Punk revives himself and hits Lesnar, setting up a double axe-handle off the top rope. Punk climbs the announce table and delivers a flying clothesline. Punk goes for Heyman but Brock attacks him from behind. Lesnar sends Punk flying over the announce table onto the announcers who move out a split-second away from getting hit. Lesnar throws Punk onto the other announce table and he takes the top portion and slams it on his body. Lesnar hits a body-to-body suplex on the mat outside. Lesnar throws him back into the ring and Punk starts to chomp down at his legs but Lesnar delivers a clothesline. Lesnar locks Punk in a bearhug. Punk tries to elbow Lesnar and starts to break free. Punk goes for the ropes but Lesnar hits him with a big knee to the body.

Lesnar goes for another bearhug as Heyman looks on. Punk breaks free with elbows and throws some flying kicks. Lesnar – down on one knee – catches Punk off the top rope with a reverse bodyslam, reminiscent of Razor Ramon. Lesnar continues to punish the ribs with knees and gets Punk into a sleeperhold. Punk starts to bite Lesnar and kicks him some more to the body. Punk throws a few elbows of his own and climbs to the top rope. Punk hits him with a flying knee to the body. High knee from Punk into the corner and hits a second consecutively. Punk goes for the third but Lesnar catches him for the F-5. Punk escapes and clocks him with a roundhouse kick, climbs the top rope and hits a botched elbow-drop off the top rope. Punk signals for the GTS but Lesnar escapes and goes for the F-5 but Punk then escapes and hits him with another roundhouse kick. Punk goes for the GTS but Lesnar counters into a Kimura. Punk is screaming in pain. Punk reverses it into an armbar. Brock turns around and CM Punk reverses it into a triangle – is this from the MMA Gods?

Lesnar tries to break free and slams Punk to the ground but Lesnar cannot break free. Lesnar picks him up while still in the hold and hits him with a running powerbomb. Lesnar hits back-to-back suplexes. Lesnar goes to the outside and picks up a chair. Lesnar holds up the chair as Punk flies onto the outside and crashes into it but both men are hurt. Punk picks up the chair and hits Lesnar in the back very hard twice. Punk goes for another hit in the ring but Lesnar steals the chair – low blow by Punk. With a chair in hand Punk climbs to the top rope and smashes Lesnar in the face with the chair.

Punk has some words bleeped out and goes for another chair shot – Heyman steals the chair and Punk grabs his tie. Lesnar goes for the F-5 but Punk is holding onto Heyman’s tie. Brock calls for him to let go and throws punk off but Punk hits him with the GTS. Heyman breaks up the pin and Punk chases Heyman. Brock catches a hold of Punk and sets him up for an F-5 but reverses it into a DDT, and hits him with the Anaconda Vice. Heyman steps in again and Punk punches him right in the nose. Punk puts Heyman in the Anaconda Vice but Lesnar hits him with a flurry of chair shots. Lesnar picks up Punk for the F-5 right onto the chair. Lesnar gets the three-count and beats CM Punk.

 Brock Lesnar defeats CM Punk by pinfall

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