The night starts off with a bang as Kane’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. The screen cuts to The Wyatt Family’s intro – which is the best in the WWE right now – and Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring followed by Harper and Rowan. The lights come on and Wyatt makes his way into the ring off his rocking chair. The flames ignite and the Ring of Fire looks different from the Inferno Match, as the flames are similar but the winner does not burn his opponent.

Kane starts to unload on Wyatt in the corner. He smashes his head on the turnbuckle and clotheslines Wyatt. Rowan and Harper creep around ringside and the flames almost burn their faces. Wyatt head-butts Kane and tries to suplex him but Kane hits the reversal. Kane misses a kick and hits the floor but Wyatt cannot capitalize. Wyatt eventually reverses a punch and hits a running elbow-drop off the ropes. Wyatt kicks Kane on the ground a few times. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Wyatt fights out of hit, hits the ropes but Kane hits him with the big boot. Kane smashes into him in the corner twice, sending him from turnbuckle-to-turnbuckle and hits a sidewalk slam.

Kane focuses on the Wyatts outside and Bray hits him from behind. Harper gets a kendo-stick but the flames prevent him from giving it to Bray. The stick catches fire and the ringside fireman (yes, a ringside fireman) puts it out. Kane hits a Chokeslam. Kane goes for another Chokeslam. Kane calls for the Tombstone. The Wyatts cover the flames with what seems to be a blanket, enter the ring and attack Kane (no disqualification). The crowd chants “Undertaker”. Kane gets two splashes from the Wyatts and a beating. They pick up Bray who hits his finisher, Sister Abigail. Wyatt gets the three-count.

After the match, Bray returns to the chair and the family lies Kane on the steel steps. They take another set of steps and crush Kane with them. They take Kane with him as they exit.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kane via pinfall

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