The Summerslam 2013 pre-show kicks off with a match worthy of being on the pay-per-view portions, as the United States Champion and The Shield’s own Dean Ambrose faces challenger Rob Van Dam.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring through the crowd with a mixed reaction by the fans (more cheers than jeers). Hometown boy Rob Van Dam (who now resides in Los Angeles) makes his way to the ring second to a loud ovation. RVD chants start right away. About to lock up, Ambrose ducks under the top rope. They lock up and Ambrose gets the headlock – whipped to the ropes he runs right over RVD. He taunts him by saying “U-S-Champ”. Ambrose works a wristlock but RVD gets up and spinning heel-kicks Ambrose after he is whipped to the ropes. RVD gives Ambrose a few punches and delivers a clothesline. He throws Ambrose down to the mat and gets a headlock on him. Ambrose breaks out and gives him a few chops to the chest in the corner, Ric Flair style.

Van Dam counters and throws Ambrose to the turnbuckle but he is kicked to the face. Ambrose goes for the pin and gets the two-count. Ambrose hits a reverse neck-breaker and gets another two-count. Fans now split with their chants for both wrestlers. Ambrose hits RVD with a big dropkick – another two-count for The Shield’s leader. Ambrose gets him in a sleeperhold but RVD breaks out and hits a cross body off the second rope. Van Dam hits him with a bodyslam followed by a patented moonsault off the second but Ambrose gets up and delivers a clothesline. RVD reverses the Headlock Driver and hits him with a spinning heel-kick. Suddenly, The Shield’s music hits and Reigns and Rollins make their way to the ring. Mark Henry’s music hits…then the Big Show’s music hits. Six-man-tag? (Commercial break)

The match continues – it seems the other men just came down for even measuring. Ambrose works another sleeperhold. RVD breaks free but Ambrose throws him to the outside. Henry and Big Show now posturing up for Rollins and Reigns on the outside, making sure they don’t interfere. Ambrose comes to the outside and tries to suplex RVD but it gets reversed and Ambrose crouches in pain – RVD then suplexes him on the barricade and hits his patented spinning leg-kick on Ambrose’s back. RVD with a summersault off the top rope onto Ambrose but he gets the two-count. RVD tries to go for Rolling Thunder but Reigns grabs his legs. Big spinebuster by Ambrose. Ambrose goes to the top rope and misses a bodydrop. RVD goes to the top but Rollins interferes, and Ambrose scores a schoolboy but gets the two-count. RVD lands Rolling Thunder after a flying kick. RVD hits the 5-Star Frogsplash but Reigns spears RVD, as Ambrose is disqualified and The Shield escape the wrath of the Big Show and Mark Henry through the crowd.

Rob Van Dam beats Dean Ambrose by Disqualification; Ambrose retains United States Championship

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