-Tonight on RAW, we closed the show with the final hype from The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, ahead of the Australian Super Show-Down this Saturday on WWE Network. Michaels was appearing on RAW for the first time since he was shocked by an appearance of The Undertaker. The Phenom talked as much smack to Michaels about HBK as he did toward Hunter, whom he faces Down Under.

While Michaels was announced, no one else participating in the match was announced. That didn’t stop them from appearing, however.

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As Michaels issued a warning to Kane to stay out of the match, Kane’s music hit and Mayor Kane was in the ring to attack Shawn. Just then, The Undertaker’s music hit, with the signature gong, and The Brothers of Destruction stood side by side over a fallen Shawn Michaels.

As The Undertaker was about to deliver his famous Tombstone to Michaels, COO Triple H’s music hit and The Game stormed down to the ring to make the save. However, Kane and The Undertaker made a comeback and managed to deliver stereo choke slams to Michales and Hunter. As it appeared the Brothers would leave, The Phenom stepped back into the ring and delivered a Tombstone to the Cerebral Assassin.

The Dead Man’s music hit, and the Brothers of Destruction left the ring together with Helmsley and Michaels laid out in the ring. This segment sells Super Show-Down well, but it will also surely fuel the speculation that we will see a tag team encounter featuring these four men, possibly at the Crown Jewel event in November.


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